Sunday, January 2, 2011

I lost my virginity to our older neighbor

I was just an average fifteen-year-old boy in a small town. My birthday was a couple months ago. As hard as I tried, so far I had not been able to get any of the girls in town to let me fuck them. I had kissed several and gotten to feel a few boobies and even had one let me put my finger in her but I was still a virgin. My name is Paul. I was 5'11" and weighed 149. I had a brush cut and wore glasses. I jerked off a lot and looked at Playboy magazine whenever I could get hold of one. This was back before the Internet, so I had little exposure to seeing sex. My mom and dad didn't do it anymore, as far as I knew, so I couldn't sneak a look at them. I was a high B student and enjoyed sports, mostly golf and bowling and going to watch the stock car races with my dad but I was not part of the in crowd or A list or whatever you want to call it. The guys in the big team sports like baseball, football and track had a much easier time getting the girls. I got around town on my bicycle. Like I say, I was an average kid of the 60's.

Our next-door neighbor was Mrs. Harris. She had a reputation that I had heard people talk about, of fucking any man that asked her. Her husband was a salesman and was often away on trips. When he was gone I often saw different cars in her driveway. Mrs. Harris was in her early 30's and still pretty good-looking for someone that I thought of as an older woman. I had seen her out in her back yard without a lot on and it made me go to my room and masturbate after I did. One day after been turned down again by one of the girls in my class, I got so upset that I marched over to the Harris' house when her husband's car was gone. I knew that if I did what was in my mind, one of two things could happen. One, I would get my face slapped and then my ass tanned when Mrs. Harris told my mother what I said and Mom told Dad, or two, I would no longer be a virgin.

I knocked on her door and after a minute she answered it. "Hello Paul" she cheerfully said. I stood there frozen like a deer caught in headlights. Finally she spoke again, "Well, what do you want?" With a stammering voice I finally blurted it out. "I have heard that you will have sex with anyone that asks you. Is that true?" I froze again and my head dropped. "Are you saying that you want to fuck me
Animal Sex, Paul?" Not being slapped yet, I quietly spoke again. "I'm still a virgin and none of the girls I know will do it with me. I don't want to be a virgin." "Well my aggressive little man, I have company right now but since you asked so nicely, if you will come over after school tomorrow I have a couple of chores that need doing and if you do them for me we might see about solving your little problem. OK?" "Gee thanks Mrs. Harris. I'll be here." "Call me Bonnie, Paul." I spent hours that night looking at the one Playboy that I had hidden under my mattress and jerked off twice.

The next day after school I went straight to the Harris' house and knocked. I knocked twice and Mrs. Harris opened the door. "I'm here to do those chores Mrs. Harr .... Bonnie" I quickly said and grinned. "Please come in." She had me weed the flowerbed and then straighten up stuff on their back porch. It took me about a half hour. When I came back in, she had changed and was now wearing a short lacy nightie that was somewhat see-thru. "You did a good job, Paul" I guess you have earned a special reward. Would you like a coke?" I had worked up a little sweat so I said "Yes please."

While I was drinking the coke she stepped behind me and put her arms around my shoulders and pressed her tits against my back. I almost dropped my drink. Then she slid her hand down across my stomach to my crotch and gave it a squeeze. I was hard as a rock. As she held my package she asked me "How much do you know about sex?" "Not much except I put my penis between the girls legs and move it in and out till I squirt. One girl let me put my finger in her. My Dad had a talk with me but he didn't tell me much about how you do it. I've looked at naked women in Playboy." "Well Paul, you've got a lot of fun things to learn." "Have you ever squirted before?" "Ya, I jerk off a lot." "Come with me." She led me to her bedroom.

"Close your eyes." I closed them. Shortly she said "OK, Open them now." When I did, she was standing naked in front of me. "Do I look as good as the girls in your Playboy?" I said exactly what my mind was thinking at that second, "You look better than any of them." Actually as I think back, she was about 5'5" and probably weighed 135 pounds with C-cup tits that sagged just a little. She really did look older than the Playboy models but that didn't matter to me at all just then. "That's so sweet Paul. That earned you something special." She took a step towards me, lifted one of her tits to my mouth and told me to kiss it and suck on her nipple. When I did I got a tingling sensation between my legs and she let out a moan. "Now kick your shoes off and let me take your clothes off." Bonnie slowly removed first my shirt and then she dropped to her knees in front of me, unbuckled by belt, unzipped my pants and pulled them and my shorts down together. My boner sprang up it her face and almost hit her. "Oh, what a nice cock. I bet any girl would like to have that in her if she knew how nice it is." I am sure that she was just being nice when she said that. I was only about 5-1/2 inches and a little bigger around than a broomstick then, but it was as hard as a steel rod.

"Let me show you something that men really enjoy." Then she placed her lips over the head of cock and buried her nose in the little bit of pubic hair that I had. She sucked hard and bobbed her head up and down on my prick. Each time most of it was out of her mouth she would lick the underside of the head. I never felt anything so wonderful in my life. In less than a minute I could tell that I was going to squirt and I told her but Bonnie didn't stop and I squirted in her mouth. I thought I was going to fall to the floor. When I had stopped squirting, she pulled off and looked at me animal sex stories. "You have wonderful tasting cum. Did you like it?" "It was wonderful. I didn't know people did anything like that." "Bonnie looked back down. "You're still hard. I thought you would be. Young men are special like that."

Bonnie got on her bed. "Would you like to return the favor and kiss me between my legs?" "Sure." I got between her legs and she told me just want to do. She was really wet between her legs but didn't taste bad at all. She showed me how to lick the bump above her hole and told me that it was her clit and she called it her fun button. She said that having it licked and sucked was one of the things that she liked best and that I should be sure to do it for all the girls that I was with so they would really want me to be with them again. She also had me push my tongue up in her hole while she told me that was where I was going to put my cock. Sometimes she had trouble talking because she was also moaning and saying things like, "Oh yes, that is so good. Yes, right there. Do it just like that." After we did that for a little while she told me to stop and to move up between her legs and to put my cock where my tongue had just been.

I moved up. She took me in her hand and lined my cock up to her hole. "Now push it in." It went in easily. She was very wet and not very tight. "Pump it in me hard and fast. Fuck me Paul. Don't worry about coming inside of me. I can't get pregnant this time of the month." Suck my nipple while you're doing it. I was able to fuck her for about three minutes. I could feel the head of my cock rubbing on the walls of her insides and her pussy lips gripped tight enough on my shaft to make the loose outer skin rub up and down on the hard inside shaft just like when I masturbated. But it felt much better than masturbating.

While I fucked my cock into a woman for the first time, she used one hand to rub her other breast and pinched her nipple while she used the other hand to rapidly rub the bump above her hole. She started to moan and breath real hard. "Yesss.' Her mouth came open and she grabbed the sheet with both hands. Her inner muscles squeezed my cock and I started to shoot. She almost screamed, "Don't stop now. Keep pounding it into me. Fuck me
." I kept going even after I finished shooting. Her breathing came back to normal. "You can stop now." She rolled me off of her onto my back next to her. My cock wasn't fully hard any more. Bonnie slid down on the bed and put me back into her mouth and sucked me clean. Just by her doing that, I started to get hard again but she pulled off and sat up. She handed me my clothes and said "You're going to make a lot of girls very happy while you are growing up. Don't worry about getting a slow start." "Can we do it again, Bonnie?" "Maybe. We'll see. Now it's time for you to go home." I put my clothes on and she walked me to the door, still naked. As I reached for the knob, she turned me around and gave me a big kiss. About an hour later I saw a strange car park in her driveway and two men got out and went to her front door.

A couple of days later when I got home from school, my mom said that Mrs. Harris wanted to talk to me about helping with some chores. I was at her front door in seconds. Bonnie opened the door. "Hi Paul. My friend Nancy wants you to come over and help her with some chores." She gave me a big smile. "Does that mean that she wants to?" Before I finished Bonnie said, "Yes Paul, I told her about you and she would like you to come over tomorrow right after school." Bonnie gave me her address and I hurried of, yelling back "Thanks."

Right after school the next day I hurried to the address that Bonnie had given me and rang the bell. Nancy opened the door. Nancy was a black woman about the same age as Bonnie. She was wearing a robe that tied around her waist. "Please come in Paul. Bonnie told me that you are real good at doing chores and that you like to be paid in a special way. I've got a burned out light bulb and I don't like to get up on the ladder to change it. Will you do it for me?" She got a little step stool and I had it changed in just seconds. "Thank you, you're so nice to do that. Come with me and I will give you your pay." Nancy led me to her bedroom. Once inside she told me to pull the bow in the belt of her robe. When I did, it came untied and her robe opened. She shrugged her shoulders and it fell to the ground.

Nancy was about 5'5" and had a trim body except that she had huge tits that drooped quite a bit. Her skin was the color of milk chocolate. Her waist was firm but not tiny and her butt was small and tight. Her nipples must have been an inch long. "Bonnie tells me that you are very good at eating pussy. I really love that. First, will you eat me till I come please?" My husband won't be home from work and my daughter won't be home from track practice for a couple hours so we have plenty of time." She jumped up on her bed and spread her legs. Unlike Bonnie, Nancy had shaved her pussy. After being with Bonnie, I knew just what to do and I went right to work making Nancy feel good. I licked her clit and fingered her at the same time. After a couple of minutes and Nancy telling me how good it was feeling, she said, "Let's turn around and go 69."

"I don't know what that is" I said. Nancy turned around while she was telling me. "I'll get on top so I can suck your cock at the same time that you eat out my cunt." By the time she had finished telling me, she was in position. We started 69ing. While she fucked my cock with her face she started moaning and rocking her hips so her pussy rubbed up and down on my face. Then she stopped and pushed her cunt tight against my face and screamed around my cock. A big amount of her girl cum poured out of her cunt. Some of it went into my mouth and some went all over my face. Bonnie had tasted better. She turned around and licked my face clean. "Fuck me now, Paul. Let's do it doggie." Again I told her that I didn't know what she wanted to do. "I get on my hands and knees and you get behind me on your knees and fuck my pussy from the back. Fuck it fast and hard." I got behind her and pushed in. Nancy was tighter than Bonnie. It felt real good. I held her hips and pounded her black ass. My balls slapped against her pussy lips. I really liked the color contrast between my white cock and her brown ass. It really made it stand out.

I was getting close to coming when the door opened. "Mom, practice was canceled so I'm home. MOM, how could you !!!!!!" It was her daughter Tanya. I knew Tanya from school. She was one grade ahead of me. Tanya ran to her room and slammed the door. Nancy jumped away from me and crying, she told me that I had to leave. I quickly put my clothes on and went home.

The next day I was at my locker when Tanya walked up to me with two of her girlfriends. “I told my friends what I caught you and my mom doing”. I figured I was really in for it now. "What are you doing after school today, Paul? Would you like to hang out with us?" Tanya's friend Debbie giggled and wiggled her large tits which also made her blond ponytails sway. "I guess you can't get mad if anyone calls you a motherfucker, Paul."

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