Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crazy Granny Linda

This happened just a couple of weeks ago. I met Linda at a senior citizen party.We both noticed one another because we were the youngest at the party. Linda has jet black hair. It was cut short like a mans except that it was slightly spiked on top.Her face is weathered and a dark complexion,she is small, about 5'-0". Slim body. She was wearing pants that showed her cute little firm ass, a button down shirt, buttoned up just enough to show a nice bit of cleavage and I wasn't the only one to notice.She had high heel boots to midway up her calf on and a lot of jewelry.One of the guys told me to go talk to her she's not married.Yeah like that matters to me.One guy told me she teases all the old guys.She rubs her tits against them accidentally on purpose and touches them very seductively.All the wives sure notice.

I approached her and introduced myself.Well she said, I was wondering how long it was going to take you to come talk to me.We have to be the youngest people in the room. We sat for awhile and talked.She asked me my age,I am 60,Isaid,how old are you.She said, a gentleman doesn't ask a lady her age.I replied, a gentleman is not asking.Oh that's cute,but how did you know I'm not a lady,hahaha.She said I'm 60.I said I just wanted to make sure you were old enough to be in a seniors club.Ha another good one ,and charming too.Then she leaned into me pressing her tit to my arm and said,you want to get the fuck out of here.Absolutely.She said meet me outside.When she came out the first thing she said was,look I'm not looking for a relationship so if you are I'm going back to the party.No way,I said. That's what I want to fucking hear,now let's go have some fucking fun at my house , it's just down the street.I hope I know what I'm getting into,this lady sounds crazy.
When we got in Linda's house she says I hope you brought your Viagra cause your going to need it,I'm horny as hell.I laughed and said I can handle it. Boy don't let me down she said ,I'm a multi orgasm girl.I'm ready I said.Good, she said, now let's get to it.She threw her arms around my neck and started to kiss me hard. She started unbuttoning my shirt, opened it and started kissing my neck,then my chest.She began kissing,licking sucking and biting my nipples.She then undid my pants,pushed them down as she kissed her way down my stomach to my cock and started kissing and licking my cock.She was licking my pee hole,sticking her tongue in the hole.Linda kept this up for awhile,she seemed to really be enjoying it. She kept saying I love cock.Then she sucked on it shoving it into her mouth repeatedly,going faster and faster.I wanted to get her clothes off but she wouldn't let up. She sucked so hard and fast my knees got week.She stopped stood up,kissed me hard again her tongue going crazy in my mouth.Then she said, sit on the couch.She then did a striptease for me.She got down to her bra and panties.They were red with black lace trim.She kept dancing around for a while then she motioned to me to follow her.As we walked I grabbed her ass cheeks and said that is a sweet tight ass.She said I'm glad you like your gonna see a lot of it.We got to the her bedroom she turned grabbed me and we fell on to the bed kissing.She rolled on top of me and sat on my legs her panties against my balls.She leaned forward and said if you want to suck on my tits take my bra off .I took the bra off,took both tits in my hands ,began kissing and sucking on her nipples. The brown area around her nipples almost covered her whole tit and the nipples were huge.Oh yeah suck them titties baby,suck 'em.She was rubbing her panties against my cock.Aaah that is a nice size cock I love it.You like them nipples,she said.Oh yeah,I said,never seen any quit like them.Yep,their pretty unusual but all you guys like 'em,she said.Suck 'n talk, suck 'n talk ,she said.I sucked,licked and nibbled on those giant nipples.They got bigger and the brown area actually swelled up a little too.I said these nipples are great,I could suck them all night.You will be she said.She then stood up and told me to pull her panties down.I reached up and pulled them slowly down her legs to expose her dark black pussy hair.Nice thick bush.She had it trimmed for her bikini under wear.She says do you like hairy pussy.You bet I said I love a hairy pussy. Linda squatted down,took my cock in her hand and started rubbing it on her cunt.I couldn't she her clit or cunt lips through the hair but I could sure feel them and they felt big.She said how's that feel do you like that.Ohhh yeah I said that feels like a lot of meat down there.I'm gonna show you right now how much she said.She stood up again and stepped up to my face.I looked up as she parted the pussy hair.WOW THAT IS A LOT OF MEAT I said. Linda giggled I guess that means you like.Her clit looked like a mini dick and her pussy lips looked like wings.Oh yeah baby.With that she sat her pussy on my face and I began sucking that giant clit.I sucked it hard as moaned oooh my yeah baby suck my twat.Oh yes suck it baby.I reached around and grabbed her pussy lips,stretching them.She said oh my you know what to do baby I can tell you are going to make me cum in your face.That sounds delicious I said,I want it.I shoved my finger up her cunt and kept sucking her clit hard. I could feel her juices running down my chin as she screamed out AAAAAAH,AAAAAAAAH I'M CUMMING YES.She love Animal Sex slid her pussy all over my mouth and I was sticking my tongue it and out of it.The juices running all over my face.

Do you like my cum she says.All I could say was ymmmm because she was griding her cunt into my mouth. Linda got off me and knelt next to me rubbing my chest and stroking my cock.She said I think I want to fuck you now. With that she straddled me squatting on her feet with her ass facing me and slid her wet pussy down the whole length of my cock.She just sat on it for a few seconds and then started wiggling her hips in circles.She said don't move let me do the work.I layed there watching her cute little ass wiggling around and looking at her ass hole.She was moving faster and within a few moments she cried out HERE IT CUMS AGAIN,OOOOH MY I LOVE YOUR COCK IT IS SO FUCKING HARD.OH OH OH YES I'M CUMMING YES YES OH SHIT.She stopped just sitting with cock as deep inside her cunt as it could go.Damn boy that is the hardest cock I've ever felt,I don't want to get off,as she moved her ass in circles.Baby that feels so good I said.Suddenly she jumped off ,knelt next to me and said laughing I have to pee,have you ever had a golden shower? Yes I have.Do you want to give each other one? Sure I said.We went into a part of the bathroom that only had a large shower and a Jacuzzi tub.She told me to get in the shower and sit on the floor.She stood over me with her black pussy hair inches from my face and peed on my chest.Then she squatted and pissed on my cock.Ah that feels great I said.Nice and hot.WOW.Watching her pee run all over my cock.My turn she said. She laid on her back,put her legs in the air and said piss on my cunt.I stood over her and pissed as she held her pussy open to receive my piss. Aah that's fucking amazing how good it feels.She said get down her and eat my pussy with your pee all over it,so I did.We showered ,got a glass of wine and sat naked on her couch drinking and talking.After finishing a bottle of wine she said,are you up for anything. Hell yeah I said.She left the room and came back with a big pink dildo and a bottle of baby oil.She said I want you to fuck me in ass with your dick and fuck my cunt with this.I like this idea.She got on all fours on the couch.She said put plenty of oil on your dick.I oiled my cock and placed the head on her asshole.As I pushed the head of my cock slowly into her asshole.When I got about half way in she said don't go any more than that.As I fucked her ass I took the dildo and pushed it into her cunt.Oh wow that is really a weird feeling,good weird she said.After a few minutes she started getting into it moaning and groaning in pleasure.This is great I love be fucked in two hole now all I need is one in my mouth she said.Iturned on the vibrator and she yelled OH MY GOD YES YES FUCK THEM HOLES BABY.AAAAAAAAH she came again.I pulled out, she sat on the couch and sucked my cock while I played with her tits and pussy.She took my balls,sucked them into her mouth and put finger up my asshole.Okay she said you've got to be holding a lot of cum in I think it's time you fill me up with it.All right lets do it. How Animal Sex Stories do you want it ?,I said.I want to see your face when you cum.she said.I took her hand and lead her to the bedroom.She layed on the bed and said do what you want with me.I put her legs on my shoulders and pushed my cock in her cunt as far as it would go.I love sliding my cock out to the head and all the way in slowly it's torture for both of us but it is worth it for the load of cum you're going to get I said.She said that sounds terrific to me she said,do it.We were both moaning with pleasure as I stroked in and out slowly.Damn your cunt feels great I said.She said that feels amazing your cock is so hard,I can feel the head throbbing inside me,I can't wait for you to explode in me but take your time this amazing.I could feel her cunt trembling around my cock.Your hitting my G spot and driving me nuts.I loved torturing her.

I kept stroking and said when I explode you will too.She stories said I don't know how long, her voice raising, I'm gonna last,Oh baby it's coming OH OH YEAH BABY HERE IT IS as I exploded inside her she screamed OH MY GOOOOOD OH OH OH OH AHHHHH YOU SON OF A BITCH I DON'T KNOW IF I'M GOING TO STOP CUMMING OHHH YOU BASTARD THAT IS UNREAL AMAZING FUCK YOU ARE BAD. OH MY GOD I CAN'T STOP YES YES AAAAAAAAAAH and then she fell limb on the bed.She said you son of a bitch I didn't get to see your face when you came you made me cum so hard I couldn't see.I just kept stroking it felt so good and she layed there with her eyes closed.She opened her eyes,smiled and said well I guess I met my match I don't think I have any cum left.Is that thing still hard get out of me she said.She sat up, there was a big puddle of cum on the bed and a big wet spot around it from her cum. She said look at the size of that load of cum and it's still dripping out of my cunt,look.I looked and there was cum running from her pussy.We all of sudden realized it was 2 in the morning.She changed the sheets and I slept in her bed with her that night.I had to get out fast in the morning because she had a girlfriend coming.I can't wait to get back with Crazy Linda again.

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  1. Que gostosa,muito linda,delicia de peitos e buceta bela...